Chairman of the Management Board

He was born in Tunceli at 1944. After completing his first, middle and lyceum education at Tunceli, Guler has graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Language and History, Geography as Geomorpholog.



When he has been working at the Mining Examination Institute in Ankara, he has completed the Transfer and Management High School and he has made his master degree Turkey and Middle East Public Management Institute.


Guler, who has been the establisher and the professional manager of the OFTAS Construction Companies at the year 1981, has become the partner of OFTAS after a time period. At the year 1984, after separating from the partnership of OFTAS, he has established the family company and has started to manage his own business at Construction Commitment and publish delivery works. He moved to Mersin at the year 1987 and started to manage the construction commitment works from Mersin. He has been carrying on the chairmanship of Management Board of Guler Group that is in activity at construction production, trade of construction materials, wear on of external surfaces of the buildings and production and application of prefabricate construction materials, medical production and foreign trade fields.


Guler has been within the Civil Public Organizations at all times of his education and business life and has worked also at TÜTED, TÜMDER and TÖBDER when he has been in public work and then he has been member of 68s Organization, Establisher Member of Mersin 68s Organization, construction of Mersin 68s Forest and Memorial, after participating to the business life, he has been member of MESIAD, he has been chairman of MESIAD for 4 years, he has been chairman of the chairman of the credentials committee for 6 years and he has been the establisher periodic chairman of the Federation of  East Mediterranean Industrial and Businessmen Organizations.


Mustafa Guler is still acting as Vice Chairman of Management Board of TURKONFED and besides; he is still carrying on his works at the Civil Public Organizations such as Establisher Membership of Mersin E.U. Organization, Establisher of Mersin Tax Payer Rights Platform, Establisher Manager of Mersin Business Development Center, Mediterranean City Council Establisher General Secretary, Membership of Içel Art Club, Establisher Membership of Mersin Construction Contractors Organization, Mersin Branch Office Chairmanship of Tunceli People Culture and Cooperation Organization, Membership of People of Dersim Organization and Establisher of Mersin Little National Assembly.


He is married and father of 2 children. 


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