It was established in Ankara in 1985. It is in activity in business branches such as production of entrance / dried cod, sales of construction materials. Today BilgiYapı has been marketing all type of rough and detailed construction materials at Mersin. The special products such as ready to use column – beam irons, entrance – dried cod and tripod that are used at the construction are being produced at the BilgiYapı plants.

BilgiYapi Market that is one of the precursors of the construction markets is seen as a confidential and highly esteemed company at its region together with its;

Confidential tonnage,

Wide range of products,

On time and without deficiency delivery,

Qualified trademark investment,

Sales organization that is focusing to the clients.



Sıte Insaat has started to its trade and construction life at Ankara in the year 1985. It has moved its activities at Ankara until that time to Mersin at the year 1987. At that period Site Insaat has started to the projects for the infrastructure problems of Mersin that has been in a fast and non-controlled growing and targeted to put on practice to the solutions suitable for the changing needs of the city. Together with the vision of producing alternative life centers for the needs of the increasing population and the spoilt construction problems, it has not only produced collective housing, it has also performed infrastructure and extrastructure works, treatment of the rivers and construction of social areas and markets for promoting the daily life. It has also constructed trade and recreation areas that will promote the economic effectiveness of these alternative life areas and handed them over as turnkey. Site Insaat has performed its social responsibility mission by being sponsor to many projects that promote the life and social development of the city or taking active roles at the projects.

Sıte Insaat that has performed many little and big scale estate projects at the city center and coast line, added value at everywhere it has gone with the “we are the precursor of the change” slogan and started the regional cycle and besides to increasing the construction quality at Mersin, it has also put its signature under something new. Besides, Site Insaat has connected the function with ecstatic and started to the competition for qualified estates and it continues to growing up by signing under new projects with the principle of use of the highest quality that is safe and sensitive against environment at every stage of the production.  




AnadoluYapı is the only authorized main distributor in activity at Mersin of FilliBoya that is one of the most important trademarks of the world. AnadoluYapı that has 70 branch offices is performing the sales of heat and water isolation systems. Service choices that make difference: it has been giving service production of colors special to person, active solutions of FilliBoya, Right color solutions, richness of products and to be able to find all types, wide branch office network. 




FibertonPrekast is producer of GRC. Fiberton, that is one of the few numbers of companies that are performing production at this field, is the designer, planner, producer and applier of the classic and modern architectural construction styles. Fiberton has a factory at Mersin located on 14.000 m2 area and it gives services on the matters such as sales, export, design and mounting at its central office located at Istanbul. Fiberton has been producing under TSE standards and member of GRC that is the Glass Fiber Supported Concrete Producers Union at the world. It has ISO9001 Quality Management System, 14001 Environment Management System, 18001 Occupational Health and Safety System and CE Trademark systems. 




The only company of the group that is out of the construction activities is PMS. PMS is in activity in two fields as Medical and Medical Technologies. PMS is an international company that is producing sterilization materials and devices. PMS has been providing efficient, confidential and flexible solutions for the hospitals and the medical device producers together with its wide range of products since the year 1997.

PMS that has been in activity in more than 74 countries at five continents; is a confidential business partner together with its production plants at Turkey, sales office at Germany and strategically and global business cooperation and regards to its innovative and competitive approach. PMS has been awarded to many national and international awards and is planning to put on practice to its new factory located at the Illinois Medical Region of Chicago city of the USA. 






Our group has participated to the NehirBetonAnonimSirketi that was established at the year 2011 and started to the production of ready concrete. 



Our company has also entered into the logistics sector together with participating to the Profil Limited Company. 





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