Mustafa Güler, Ali Güler, HüseyinGüler and Ali HaydarGüler have established their first company in Ankara and they have cooperated fellowship with business partnership. The group that has started to the business life as four brothers has continued to its way with the participation of the 2nd generation family members to the partnership. The group that has taken off to its way Site İnşaatveBilgiYapı Market at the year 1985, has established PMS MedikalAmbalaj, PMS Ticaret, AnadoluYapıMalzemeleri, FibertonPrekast, PMS Tıp Teknolojileri and NehirBeton A.Ş. that is a participation company respectively and continues to its operations at the construction and construction technologies, construction materials and medical sectors.

Guler Group that has completed its 30th year at the construction sector as Site Insaat, has produced thousands of estates in 30 years of time period. When it has been working at the infrastructure works at the public sector such as collective housing, asphalt, treatment of the rivers and canalization, it has started to perform special project after the year 1989. Guler Group has been creating qualified areas at Mersin together with its projects and acted as leader for the reconstruction and development of the city. Guler Group that has been refreshing itself and extending its activity areas continuously is carrying its experiences at the construction sector to the big projects and has formed a center at Istanbul and started to carry on the urban transformation projects.

Guler Group that has been performing production and trade of the construction materials with the BilgiYapı Market, AnadoluYapı, FibertonPrekast and NehirBeton companies has shown its name at every field of the construction sector and obtained confidence with the understand of innovative and principled business.


Today BilgiYapı has been marketing all of the rough and detailed construction materials. The special products such as ready to use column – beam irons, entrance – weedy and tripod that are used at the construction are being produced at the BilgiYapı plants.

AnadoluYapı is the only main distributor in activity at Mersin of FilliBoya that is one of the most important trademarks of the world.

FibertonPrekast is producer of GRC. Fiberton, that is one of the few numbers of companies that are performing production at this field, is the designer, planner, producer and applier of the classic and modern architectural construction styles. 

The only company of the group that is out of the construction activities is PMS. PMS is in activity in two fields as Medical and Medical Technologies. PMS is an international company that is producing sterilization materials and devices. PMS that has been providing efficient, confidential and flexible solutions for the hospitals and the medical device producers together with its wide range of products since the year 1997, has been in activity in more than 74 countries at five continents.

Guler Group that was born in Ankara and grown up at Mersin has been carrying on activities and selling its products at many cities of Turkey and many countries of the world.


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