PMS is an international company that is producing sterilization materials and devices. PMS has been providing efficient, confidential and flexible solutions for the hospitals and the medical device producers together with its wide range of products since the year 1997.

PMS that has been in activity in more than 74 countries at five continents; is a confidential business partner together with its production plants at Turkey, sales office at Germany and strategically and global business cooperation and regards to its innovative and competitive approach. PMS has been awarded to many national and international awards and is planning to put on practice to its new factory located at the Illinois Medical Region of Chicago city of the USA.

PMS has been giving service at more than 74 countries at 5 continents through its factory located at Turkey and sales office located at Germany.

90% Export

More than 90% of our products are being exported.

74 countries

Our products with PMS trademark are being serviced in more than 70 countries over the world.

127 Distributors

Sustainability together with our wide service network that is extending every year.

Our PMS R&D Unit has been strengthening to the present business branches together with various product research and development works and providing to be opened to new business fields.

Some of our successes at innovations;

PET/PP film suitable for steam sterilization,

PET/PP film conforming to Tyvek

Pouchmate – AutomaticCutting and Closing Device 

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