The common values that form our investments, business relationships and continuity at our company are;

  • Seeing to being human as a upper identity,
  • Understand of participation,
  • Global business ethics rules,
  • Using intelligence and science as guide at all of the works,
  • Looking at the capital, effort and venture as the items completing each other,
  • Confidential and ethic trade applications,
  • High environmental sensitivity,
  • Social responsibility,
  • Transforming to the differences into the benefit,
  • Believing to the institution,

Guler Group has owned to these principles more stronger at the passing years and accepted going forward as a main principle. 


We have believed that being confidential and elite can only be possible with producing and success. At the hard challenges, we have transformed the natural union such as being brother into a voluntary union. Together with the belief of performing our responsibilities against our family and public, we have established partner companies through connecting our little sources and we have sustained it.

We have continuously reviewed our activities and talents of management and we have observed the needs of people of Turkey and the world and we have transformed this into an economic process.


Within the global laws and legal borders, establishing the management systems that will provide our institutional group identity to continue for forward generations and taking precautions, forming policies for continuous development, developing strategies that provide the sustainability of the income without budge from qualified goods and production of services, to be able to create competition advantages simultaneously with the world, having the world trademarks within by producing products and services that can be evaluated within the world standards at the international extensions and providing the active participation of all of our employees to the production and management process. 


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